New Faces at placeworks design

It’s been busy here in Inglewood and we’re remiss to post an update of some recent arrivals and news in the studio.

Michael McKeown has recently arrived in Canada after graduating with a Master of Architecture at Queen’s University in Belfast, Ireland and has joined us. He and a fellow student made the big speculative  step to come to Calgary and already he has been making a difference to our work and as part of the office. It has been great!

Erika Hornquist has joined us as our fall co-op student from Dalhousie. She’s really from Fernie, BC which makes us all happy, but has been a part of that amazing program in Halifax that is putting out some great students. We’ve been spoiled with the co-op students from Dal over the past few years and Erika looks set to continue that.

It was sad to say good-bye to Fatima Rehman as she headed back to Dalhousie after her 6 month work-placement position here. Michael and Erika are funny, but Fatima’s irreverent way of slicing to the core of things is missed. We wish her all the best as she buckles down to her studies again.

Magda Gawlik has returned from her excellent travels in North Africa and in the East. Stephanie, Cam, our clients, the dogs and I all missed her but have been enjoying the stories as she settles back in to the office.

Life and work are busy for all, there are some great projects in the office, and as winter slowly approaches, we’re having a rewarding time.

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