Website, Wes, and Wonder

The new website is on its way. Last week, we spent a fun morning at Adina Photography’s studio getting the team’s portraits taken. The dogs participated as well, of course! Jayseadesigns will be finishing things off in the near future and many of our recent projects will appear!

Wes Bou-Saleh has just joined us to spend his work-placement term from Dalhousie. We’re excited to have this creative, humorous and friendly fellow who hails from the Sylvan Lake area in the office until the end of August.

Things are rolling here on a number of projects including some residential, a sports-health clinic in a great mid-century modern building in the Beltline, and the Sure-Gain Fletcher Mills historic site in Inglewood. The projects at our favorite Village Brewery (a cool lab overlooking the ‘floor) and Source Energy Services new headquarters on the main floor of Victoria Park’s Biscuit Block are now complete – images coming soon!

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