We know a great idea when we see it. Or smell it.

Thanks to our most recent PK (Product Knowledge) Session with Richelieu and PJ White products, we have been introduced to an innovative Austrian company called Organoid Technologies. Organoid was founded in 2012 and is comprised of 10 staff members who believe in naturalness and authenticity who have created a unique laminate product that allows raw materials to be experienced through texture, aesthetic, and yes, even through scent!

With 500 raw materials at their disposal, the Organoid team can create thousands of unique combinations that are dried, ground, screened, and then pressed as a mixture to create laminate surfaces that are sustainable, highly textured, and introduce an element of organics and nature into a space. Due to the lack of chemicals or over-processing of the materials, their scents and natural textures are kept intact. From Jasmine Blossoms to Coffee Beans to Vanilla Husks to Star Anise to Forest Moss and more, these panels truly smell wonderful and look really interesting as well!

To learn more about their products, visit their website.

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