Welcoming Spring and A New Site!

It’s been a long time coming but we’re excited to promote the launch of our new website; Placeworks is fresh, updated, and now compatible with mobile devices. Please check it out for yourselves and we invite you to circulate the link with anyone who may find it interesting or useful. Just follow this link! http://www.placeworksdesign.com/20170323-blog-post

New Website for placeworks – thoughts?

Ya, it’s time.
We love the look of course – thanks, Angie – but things have changed and it needs an update. People, projects, tech platforms, and much more have moved along.
Preliminary wants include:
– mobile friendly
– easier project look-up
– more news, fresh content
– more projects
– more dogs
If you have any thoughts, comment here or fire us a note to info ‘at’ placeworksdesign.com
We’d appreciate your input!